Why Polkadot?

Building The Future Of Web3
Together With Polkadot

Our team’s unwavering commitment to excellence in finding the ideal blockchain for our DeFi application led to the creation of our very own solution. Through our dedication and perseverance, we discovered that building upon Polkadot’s Substrate framework was the perfect fit.


Runtime Upgrades

Future Ready

Fast and Safe

Why We Chose
The Polkadot Ecosystem?

When developing a modern blockchain, choosing the right technology stack is critical given the fast-paced nature of the industry. The problem with the old generations of blockchains is that they highly depend on their own economical and technological guarantees behind their own consensus mechanism. Moreover, these blockchains can only evolve over time with hard forks, which are highly resource-intensive and very slow to organize. Not to mention the fact that the old versions of blockchains are outdated in terms of on-chain governance.

Aiming To Become
A Polkadot Parachain

The Polkadot Network is revolutionizing the blockchain industry with its remarkable ability to enhance security and facilitate the seamless transfer of tokens between Layer 1 blockchains. Through its shared security model, Polkadot’s validators continuously monitor the data flows of individual blockchains and intervene if necessary to ensure the protection of all connected blockchains. Polkadot’s Layer 0 status enables it to coordinate and secure other Layer 1 blockchains or Parachains. Once Mosaic connects to the Polkadot Relay Chain, Mosaic’s and Polkadot’s consensus mechanisms will merge, and Mosaic will become one of Polkadot’s Parachains running alongside Polkadot.

Scale By Design
Grow With Polkadot

By connecting as a Parachain to the larger Polkadot network, Mosaic can leave scalability concerns behind and focus on realizing its full potential. Participating in a Parachain Slot auction is the first step towards unlocking the incredible possibilities of this revolutionary technology.

Polkadot’s innovative blockchain system is truly remarkable, with a network of Parachains that work together seamlessly. Each Parachain is supported by Polkadot, ensuring that every transaction is validated by both the Parachain and Polkadot validators. With this approach, the execution of transactions is distributed across multiple blockchains, preventing overloading of the Polkadot ecosystem, including Mosaic. Polkadot’s unique architecture is the key to its scalability, and we are proud to be a part of this incredible technology.