About Us

DeFi Solutions
With Science And Fantasy

Our aim is to empower individuals to have control over their financial future by providing them with easy and uncomplicated access to decentralized finances. With our range of solutions and token baskets, we have made it easy for everyone to join the crypto world.

We strive to empower individuals around the world with knowledge in cryptocurrency through our informative content, while also catering to the needs of professional traders with our specialized asset management tools.

Mission, Vision & Values



Our mission is to increase financial awareness worldwide. We want to make the crypto world accessible to everyone with our decentralized solutions and user-friendly interfaces.



We live in a time of great change, where finance and technology are undergoing a revolution. We firmly believe that decentralized financial solutions will play a pivotal role in driving this revolution forward.



Our company prioritizes education and security while simplifying finance for our users. We specialize in innovative blockchain technology for decentralized financial solutions.

Our Core Team

Attila Vidákovics

Co-Founder, CEO, Blockchain Specialist

Crypto whiz kid, cypherpunk, blockchain specialist and university lecturer. Attila has got involved in the crypto world since the beginning of time, the launch of bitcoin. Mining addict, crypto omniscient and crypto analyst. He has been working on the ultimate success of the DeFi word.

Péter Molnár

Co-Founder, CTO, Blockchain Strategist

Blockchain strategist, IT engineer and economist. Peter is a well-known DeFi expert and one of the few specialists who can build working blockchain systems. Peter wrote 100+ complicated smart contracts in production and designed some complex ecosystems including EVM blockchain. His expert references include several bank security projects as well.

Tom the Great

Project Lead

Working as an IT Project Lead for more than two decades. Served at one of the biggest American Company and at a various Hungarian SMEs as well. As a COO at an IT enterprise gained complex experience. Familiar with the crypto world but rookie in substrate. Sure, that mosaicchain will be innovative, really DeFi and unique.


Rust Developer

I’m an applied mathematician with experience in Algorithms, Operations Research and AI engineering. I’m here to participate in the development of the Mosaic Chain and to learn more about Blockchain technology and Software engineering. I’m familiar with the Rust, C++ and Python programming languages and I also like competitive programming.


Lead Developer

Working on decentralized systems since 2015. Working for people who care about their privacy before it starts to be a whimsy conservative old man’s thing. Was on the Substrate core team for almost a year and then participated in building a Substrate-based chain that received a grant from W3F.


Rust Developer

I’m a software engineer who mainly uses Rust for work and personal projects. I work as a blockchain developer so my skills are mainly focused around backend development but I have some frontend skills, too. I have a passion for writing operating systems and videogames in my free time both in C and Rust.


Rust Developer

I’m a software engineer who enjoys digging into the nitty-gritty of low-level stuff. I’m currently in the final year of my BSc, and starting this semester, I’m also teaching at my university, ELTE. Coding’s not just my gig; it’s my jam. You’ll catch me at it whenever I’ve got some free time. Rust is my go-to language for my projects but as I always say: learning the language is easy, learning to code is the tough part.


Rust Developer

I’m a software engineer, sysadmin on-demand, and a specialist in basically anything when needed. I’m a problem solver at heart, and I love researching and learning new things. I’ve been working with computer systems since 2018, have a background in security and a strong passion for cryptography. I have a knack for finding problems in places others often overlook, and a strong intuition for fixing them.

Our Partners


Our trusted partner and organizer of productive Web3 spaces, CCTF serves as Mosaic Chain’s dedicated strategy advisory firm, specializing in all aspects related to Polkadot, including communication, event organization, community building, and branding.



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