Unveiling Mosaic Chain

Highlights from Sub0, the Polkadot Developer Conference​

The Sub0 conference recently took place in Lisbon, hosting the world’s blockchain pioneers, including the developers behind Polkadot and its ecosystem. Over 600 attendees from across the globe gathered for this two-day developer conference, with over 80 speakers and several blockchain projects, including Mosaic Chain.

Polkadot’s mission is to seed the foundations of the new, decentralized, and democratic internet, Web3. All the projects built on Polkadot share that same vision, regardless of the type of the projects. Meaning that whatever the goal of the project is, it must be fully decentralized, open, and collaborative by design.

Mosaic Chain is no different. We aim to make this chain the home of the most advanced and innovative DeFi and financial services of the future while also sharing the vision of true decentralization.

The connection with Polkadot

Nine representatives from Mosaic Chain attended at Sub0, including core developers and CEO, Attila Vidakovics, as well as CTO, Peter Molnar. The uniqueness of Mosaic Chain was highlighted also in a presentation by the the Eastern European Head Ambassador of Polkadot in this video:

Currently hundreds of blockchain projects leverages the Polkadot SDK, alongside with Mosaic Chain. All of these chains do this with for a good reason. Polkadot allows for rapid, secure, and flexible development of new blockchains without borders. These developer-friendly features are unparalleled in the blockchain industry, making Polkadot the go-to choice for blockchain development.

All the great features detailed so far, the Polkadot ecosystem has shown a very open and welcoming spirit towards Mosaic Chain and many mutual collaborations and opportunities with other blockchain projects have developed and will be of great importance in the future.

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